Liquid Assets

Our Commitment to Quality

 We will not serve anything we would not serve to our own families.  That means we use only the finest ingredients to hand craft every sandwich we make. From farm fresh eggs we crack daily for our breakfast sandwiches to our commitment to brands that maintain the highest quality standards every detail is designed to give you the best dining experience you can have.

You will not find bagged, quick serve processed foods in our kitchen.  We slice our own vegetables and meats and our cheese and bread selection is second to none.

Our Brand Partnerships

Our Modern Kitchen

You won't find a huge old fashioned stove in our kitchen.  We use convection and conduction units to prepare our food.  With an old fashioned stove or range, it is difficult to maintain the temperature needed to always produce the highest quality product.  The control of time and heat is difficult because everything on the stove top either lends or borrows heat from the other things being cooked.  With conduction, our pans heat faster and maintain a constant temperature based upon what we set the unit at.  This means quicker cooking times and exact temperature control to insure the food we prepare is cooked exactly to our standards.

Our oven can super heat foods, reducing the time it takes to prepare a meal.  Once again, we can control the time and temperature of the food we prepare resulting in much better tasting foods than those prepared in a conventional oven. Try any of our sandwiches and you will taste the difference.