Liquid Assets

Coronavirus Update

The Executive Order by Governor Walz does allow deliver, walk up, take out and drive through services at restaurants.  Liquid Assets will offer drive through, walk up to the drive through window, curbside pick up and limited delivery all with limited contact with our patrons.  We encourage using credit cards whenever possible to avoid contact with currency and we ask you observe the CDC guidelines of 6 feet minimum between yourself and those people around you when you are picking up food. 

Meals Ready to Eat and Commodity Sales

Recognizing the need to take some of the stress out of people's lives, we are offering meals ready to eat as well as commodity Sales.  Meals ready to eat require no preparation except heating and commodity sales offer larger sizes of ready to cook or eat entrees, side dishes and other things you can freeze or store.  Please follow the links above to see what we have to offer and check back or call us to see find out new items we will be offering.  Our brokers and vendors are working with us to keep prices affordable on all of these offerings.